Taffie Dolson
Coldwell Banker Realty


"She is very good in her job. Holds the class attention in the classroom. Has very good delivery and interesting subjects that we can use in our everyday business. I have learned a lot using her subjects in real life. "

  -Charles Champion, Colleague 9/11/2018


"Taffie takes great pride in instructing her students and helping them become successful in their careers. She genuinely cares about you and your success. I highly recommend her!"

  -Sherri Viola, Colleague 9/11/2018


You are one of the best teachers I have ever had, because you genuinely care about sharing your knowledge and wealth of experiences to make us be The Best Realtor we can be, I can't thank you enough! I look forward to staying connected through your Webinars and YouTube videos!  Patrice Emrie 5/31/18


Taffie has been one of the most interactive teacher I have had the opportunity to learn from, She is always happy to see agents and is very helpful by answer any of our question.  Plus I really enjoy the speakers she bring in to give a real world application and or a person that helps us see what they did to get where they are.  




"Taffies is incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I had the privilege of training with her and found the information she shared with us invaluable. She is patient, professional, and genuinely cares about the success of her fellow agents. I know I can always reach out to her with questions about new technology and receive a timely response. She is a positive addition to the CB United family and we are lucky to have her. "

  -Amanda Dockum, Colleague 4/27/2018


Taffie Dolson is an eloquent speaker, thorough instructor, and a great person in general. She presents the material with poise and ease. The wealth of knowledge she has is truly an asset to Coldwell Banker and it's agents. I am always AMP'd when I'm getting dressed to drive in for her training courses. 

Foster Williams Jr. 11/17


 I can vouch that she is one of the best motivators that I have come across! She is a practical and technologically smart instructor. She has the experience and provides real life examples. She knows what works and what doesn't. Every class is like a gold mine. You get never ending tips and tricks. My goal is to attend her AMP class every quarter to keep my skills green. 

Chris Dayanand 11/17


Taffie is amazing! She is amazing! She is knowledgeable in the realm of real estate. I wish I could take her home with me and pick her brain all day! She's very warm and sensitive to our needs. She never makes you feel dumb for asking the same questions over and over.  Keep doing what you are doing! Your warmth is disarming. 

Thanks So Much! Robin Demings 11/2017


I just wanted to thank you for the training. I learned a lot. You were fantastic, I truly think it will help me get my real estate business off on the right foot. Let me know when you are doing training's in the woodlands, I would like to attend. I think you gave me the tools needed to succeed.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Michael Dorman


I can’t thank Coldwell Banker United, Realtors enough for hiring Taffie to our team. Her Real Estate background , her desire to elevate every agents production, coupled with her thirst for knowledge of all the cutting edge Real Estate Tools and Programs, makes her incredibly valuable to not only the Corporation, but to every agent she is able to assist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to increase my productivity and to educate me on all of the new tools that come to the market.

Best Regards,

Chris Domangue



Taffie, I can't be more thankful for all your effort and good will to ALWAYS help me! You took the time to explain and show me all the benefits the Company offers!
Thank you so much. Not only did I learn much, but I also respect you more for the person you are and how much we learned and will learn from you! 
Thanks a thousand times,
Zaira Gonzalez 
Taffie is one of those rare managers that has the ability to provide exceptional technical and emotional support. Her caring attitude is demonstrated on a daily basis and is one of the main reasons why I love working with Coldwell Banker United Realtors in The Woodlands.
Lynn Worden Coldwell Banker United Realtors, The Woodlands
Lisa Gregory and Associates

Taffie keeps our technology training going! We could not manage what we do without her talents and skills. If only we could clone her! I appreciate all that she does and can do for me.

Yogi Ingram



Taffie and I worked together at Coldwell Banker United Realtors in The Woodlands for several years. She was my assistant manager. During that time, I got to know Taffie quite well and can thoroughly vouch for her character and abilities. Taffie was a pleasure to work with because of her pleasant and positive attitude as well as her creativity, she made the office fun and interesting. Even though her role with CB is assistant manager, she is a leader in the office because of her patience and willingness to help advance the business goals of those she manages by sharing her amazing skills in technology, her past experience as a Realtor and franchise owner and her day to day management abilities. She realizes the importance of understanding and appreciating the real estate agents for whom she manages. Her door is always open and her passion for the business is contagious. Carol Wolfe




I thoroughly enjoy working with our assistant manager, Taffie.  She always has a smile on her face and she is more than willing to answer questions, help solve problems and, in my case, assist me in working through my computer woes.  Our office is very lucky to have her. Gay Tharp




Taffie Dolson,  one of my favorite bosses in all of my real estate career. She is a great leader.  I have so enjoyed having her as my mentor and someone I am comfortable calling for a quick solution  from my car, home office, a listing apt. or wherever I am, she has a solid, fast solution that always saves the day. Taffie has been in our shoes and she treats us with respect and always leaves us feeling empowered. Her guidance is sincere. She wants us to be good agents and invests in us with technological help, marketing ideas and just good common sense for negotiating tactics and people skills advice. I don't think she cares, I know she cares. Her sense of true genuiness makes having her as our leader invaluable. This ability to make us feel good as people and professionals will no doubt bring in the best of the best to any office when she is recruiting. People feel happy around her. She makes you laugh and than gets you on the right track.  I can tell that she has been in our shoes and I sense that she is always able to relate. She is not easy on us, she is firm, but she never makes us feel inadequate or devalued. Again, I always feel empathy and empowered. I really appreciate her so much.
Thank you again,
Mary Jane Bradshaw



Taffie is an amazing leader. She is inspiring and compassionate and I feel that she can bring out the best in anyone, she takes out the time and gives you great suggestions and shows you how you can do things, she is very talented and wears her many hats well. She treats everyone with kindness and fairness, those are just a few of her leader qualities. I enjoy working her. -Pamela Lewis



I have known Taffie for many years now both professionally and as a personal friend. We have done real estate transactions together and I have assisted her with legal matters in the real estate industry. I would HIGHLY recommend Taffie Dolson for her thorough knowledge of real estate, going above and beyond most agents in keeping apprised of all aspects of our increasingly complicated industry (thanks to attorneys but I promise not me). She is always upbeat, polite, professional and I think after you meet and deal with her in business you will find no better real estate representative in the Greater Houston area. I even challenge those that doubt to give her and try and let me know if not totally impressed since I value my circle of business relationships and those I refer. Keep up your great work Taffie Dolson! John Goehrs Attorney and Real Estate Broker - Former TREC Staff Attorney



Taffie is a very knowledgeable Realtor and a technology genius! She is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile to help agents and clients. I would highly recommend her and very much enjoyed working with her. Sallie Wheeler



Taffie is unmatched by anyone I can think of!  She has always been able to help me with any technical issue that I have needed help on.  Coldwell Banker United, Realtors is always coming out with new and improved technical tools and Taffie is always there to help us learn how to use them.  She also stays current with the free outside tools available and quickly shares with everyone in the office. She is always there for us when we need her! 

Rosemarie Torti  Broker Associate




Every office needs a clone of you! I'm way ahead of the game because of you! Thank You! Debra White


Taffie is spot on with her marketing concepts for the real estate community. Having been on the Broker's, as well as, the agents side of the business gives her first hand knowledge of the industry. Jim Cruz



Taffie is extremely computer and technology knowledgeable and accessible. Very creative,  personable, witty and problem-solving. Definitely an asset, we are lucky to have her. Any office would be. Barbara Cegielski    And she's Jazzy!



Taffie is an extremely pleasant person to work with and very prompt in her responses. Detail oriented and creative, I would highly recommend her. Nicole Freer


Taffie is very knowledgeable on many computer programs and marketing tools to assist Agents in better self promotion and Branding. She is creative and talented and fun to work with. Cathy Simeone


I just joined Coldwell Banker United REALTORS and was overwhelmed by all I had to do to transition between brokerages.  Taffie has been a Godsend and has gone to work doing all my necessary setup for me!  It would have taken me hours to accomplished all she has done for me in a couple sittings. Thanks Taffie!

MICHELLE MOSS real estate
Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS
Taffie, is the best person and help you can get anytime and under any circumstance on the job. She is just always there for you!!
Great great daily unconditional support!
Keep it up! Antonio Palazuelos
 I would like to tell you what I know about Taffie Dolson.
She is very hardworking , but; more important than that, she cares. She is always ready and happy to help us with a variety of issues from real estate to technical issues with our computers, etc. She does all of this with a smile on her face.
We all depend on her help and support. Another thing, she is very conscientious . She rarely misses work and if she does , it's for a very good reason .
When she had surgery , she went back to work early because she knew she was needed. Most people would have taken all the time they could.
In a nutshell , she goes above and beyond her responsibilities. I am proud to know and work with her.
Carol Bowen 

Taffie always helps me out with technical issues and she knows the ins and outs of all software which allows me to focus on selling.  She’s an asset to the office.   Thanks Taffie.   Susan Swanstrom


I just want you to know how much you made an impression on me while taking your class. On days I don’t want to leave the house or prospect, I hear your voice in my head. To keep going, it’s a numbers game. I’m still going and won’t stop. Just wanted to let you know.
Just finished door knocking for an open house this weekend. Hoping soon to get something. My
Immediate goal is to get something on the books before March. Got a lot of doors to knock on and babies to kiss!!! Lol
Anywho, take care. Thanks, Robin Demings